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Student List

Admission List of the Students
Session - 2014-2015

Sl. No. Name of Student Male/Female Category Fres./Dep. 1st Method
01 Mousumi Das Female General Fresher Bengali
02 Saswati Roy Female SC. Fresher Bengali
03 Arpita Rudra Female General Fresher Bengali
04 Joyeeta Goswami Female General Fresher Bengali
05 Sujata Harijan Female SC. Fresher Bengali
06 Rita Rani Saha Female General Fresher Bengali
07 Santona Moulick Female General Fresher Bengali
08 Subhankar Sarkar Male General Fresher Bengali
09 Laltu Haldar Male SC. Fresher Bengali
10 Bilkis Ireen Female General Fresher Bengali
11 Rajashree Paul Female General Fresher Bengali
12 Santanu Dev Male General Fresher Bengali
13 Mita Sarkar Female SC. Fresher Bengali
14 Shubhankar Biswas Male General Fresher Bengali
15 Madhuri Biswas Female SC. Fresher English
16 Mausum Sarkar Female General Fresher English
17 Sobhan Sk. Male Fresher English
18 Arpita Mandal Female SC. Fresher English
19 Sharmistha Paul Female General Fresher English
20 Anup Kumar Saha Male General Fresher English
21 Moumita Sardar Female SC. Fresher History
22 Ruksana Ali Mondal Female General Fresher English
23 Ambika Dutta Female General Fresher History
24 Ipsita Biswas Female SC. Fresher English
25 Ripan Kundu Male General Fresher English
26 Tripti Mandal Female General Fresher History
27 Rupa Dey (Dasgupta) Female General Fresher English
28 Deboleena Dutta Female General Fresher English
29 Abbasuddin Sk. Male Fresher English
30 Sanat Kumar Mandal Male SC. Fresher English
31 Pikai Ghosh Male General Fresher History
32 Bulti Halder Female SC. Fresher History
33 Motiur Rahaman Male General Fresher History
34 Bikash Barui Male SC. Fresher History
35 Khosnahar Khatun Female General Fresher History
36 Biplab Bairagi Male SC. Fresher History
37 Arindam Hazra Male General Fresher Mathematics
38 Sudipta Singha Barman Female SC. Fresher Mathematics
39 Tanmoy Ghosh Male General Fresher Mathematics
40 Writam Bose Male General Fresher Mathematics
41 Anuj Ghosh Male General Fresher Mathematics
42 Jhallika De Female General Fresher Bengali
43 Satabdi Debnath Female General Fresher History
44 Prakash Das Male Gen.(obc-B) Fresher Mathematics
45 Nazma Sultana Female General Fresher Mathematics
46 Tapas Kumar Mondal Male SC. Fresher Mathematics
47 Antara Bargaria Female General Fresher Bengali
48 Rinki Ghosh Female Gen.(obc-B) Fresher Bengali
49 Priyo Ranjan Mandal Male SC. Fresher Mathematics
50 Md. Atior Rahaman Male General Fresher Geography
51 Bappa Rahaman Sk. Male General Fresher Geography
52 Ruhul Amin Molla Male General Fresher Geography
53 Mehedi Hasan Mondal Male General Fresher Geography
54 Pampa Ghosh Female General Fresher Geography
55 Suman Pal Male General Fresher Geography
56 Sherful Molla Male Gen.(obc-A) Fresher Geography
57 Dipan Mandal Male Gen.(obc-B) Fresher Sanskrit
58 Lipika Saha Female General Fresher Sanskrit
59 Susmita Kundu Female General Fresher Sanskrit
60 Sunita Dey Female General Fresher History
61 Purnima Biswas Female General Fresher History
62 Malabika Ghosh Female General Dep. Geography
63 Selina Khatun Female General Fresher History
64 Maheshwar Mandal Male General Fresher Sanskrit
65 Debika Singha Female General Fresher Sanskrit
66 Dipti Biswas Female SC. Fresher Sanskrit
67 Chiranjit Das Male General Fresher Mathematics
68 Chiranjit Das Male SC. Fresher Sanskrit
69 Moumita Kundu Female General Fresher Sanskrit
70 Ashis Sardar Male ST. Fresher English
71 Lipika Biswas Female SC. Fresher Sanskrit
72 Dipika Halder Female SC. Fresher Mathematics
73 Falguni Nag Female General Dep. Mathematics
74 Shibodyuti Roy Female SC. Fresher Sanskrit
75 Tuhin Singha Male General Fresher Bengali
76 Anarul Shaikh Male General Dep. Mathematics
77 Madhumita Dey Female General Fresher English
    Female - 44 General - 56 Fresher - 74    
      Male - 33 SC. - 20 Deputed - 03    
        ST. - 1